Beach bike

The Flits a beach bike,

Fietsen over het strandRent the Flits and cycle towards the Rif and/or the Balg.

Cycling along the beach with standard rental bikes is prohibited. But, together with its staff, Fietsenverhuur Schiermonnikoog has developed a bike especially for the beach. After a year of experimenting they have developed the Flits beach bike.

As a result of the seven-speed gear and tires with an extra width, you will still be able to cycle through the sand. Furthermore, in order to reduce the storage of sand and thus refrain from getting stuck, the Flits does not have any mudguard or chain guard. Moreover, the Flits has a back gear, lights and adjustable handlebar and saddle. After each rental, the bike is thoroughly cleaned so that the next customer is assured with the same experience.

It is prohibited to use the bike in the water!

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