Rental conditions

– You are responsible for the rented items.
– Only use any rented items for its designed purpose.
– Always lock your bike.
– It is prohibited to cycle outside the designated cycling paths.THE BEACH IS ALSO PROHIBITED UNLESS YOU RENT A SPECIAL BEACH BIKE. Click here for more information about the beachbike.
– It is prohibited to cycle with more than one person on one bike. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use the back of the bike to transport another person.
– You will not get a refund when a bike is returned before the end of an official rental period.
– Any items rented at Soepboer cannot leave the Island of Schiermonnikoog.
– At the end of a rental period, you have to return any rented items to the same point of collection.
– We, as Fietsenverhuur Soepboer, reserve the right to collect and recalculate a deposit.
– In case one does not respect or abuses the above mentioned conditions we will collect the rented item without any restitution of funds.

– Moreover, rental conditions registered under the number 37/1979 by the registry offices of the district court (Arrondissementsrechtbank) in Den Haag by N.C.B.R.M. d.d. 30 March 1979 are applicable.

Cabby bakfiets
Suitable for a maximum of two children
Dubbele kindertandem
Suitable for two children and one parent/adult.